Monday, 24 February 2014

Girl on a Bus by Alexandra Gunnoe

Not too long ago, I wrote a blog called “Location Inspiration” about this old building I’ve driven by several times. Apparently it was a control tower from WWII.  I’ve wanted to do a fashion shoot there for awhile and over the weekend I finally had my chance.   

Around the same time I wrote that blog, I met a girl who would later become my model for the shoot.  I had taken my baby out for a day at the park and had decided to bus it home.  Meeting Brooke on that bus was completely random… we were in the middle of nowhere and the encounter was totally unexpected.  Of course I had no cards, had my baby in tow and still had that “new mother” look about me (bedraggled hair, dark circles under the eyes, a vacant stare).  So I scribbled my information on scrap of paper and gave it to her, saying I’d love to photograph her sometime.  I don’t often approach strangers to photograph but there was something about her look that caught my eye.  

Given the circumstances, I didn’t really expect Brooke to email me.  I certainly didn’t look like a professional at the time, but I was hoping she’d look at my portfolio and take a chance.  Luckily for me she did and these are some of my favorite images from our session.  Can you believe it was her first photo shoot?    The wind was a bit crazy and it was uncomfortably cold but she handled it like a pro and was a blast to work with. 

* For the other photographers out there, this was attained by using natural light, plus a mini soft box on a 430 exii and a reflector. 

*To view a slideshow of our session with more photos, please click on this link:

  Alexandra Gunnoe Photography.

 Photos taken by Alexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

Monday, 17 February 2014

The Vintage Bus Project by Alexandra Gunnoe

February has been a great month for inspiration and it’s time I tell you a little bit about an upcoming project that I’m really excited about.  Beginning in March, I'm photographing a series of fashion shoots featuring these beautiful vintage buses, firetrucks and tractors.  The concept for the shoots came together over a short period of time and it’s all moving very quickly.  It started when I was doing some internet research about an old World War II building I’m shooting in next week (see my previous post “Location Inspiration”).  I stumbled upon this site, the West of England Transportation Collection, and I was immediately intrigued.  Colin Shears, a local automobile enthusiast, started collecting vehicles in the 1960’s, and they now estimate that over 200 vehicles have been saved from being scrapped or abandoned.  They are all housed in this huge hangar and a good number of them have been beautifully restored.

I acted on a whim and immediately contacted Dan at the WETC, to see if he would want to collaborate on a few shoots.  He jumped on board and has been extremely gracious and accommodating with his time.  My next step was to find a stylist who could help dress the models in vintage wardrobe reflecting the years of the vehicles.  After a few days of heavy digging, I was lucky to find Kate Sly of Fashion Farmer, who completely gets what we’re doing and has some amazing ideas for me to bounce off.  I was able to visit the hangar yesterday and was pleased to find the buses are even more charming in person.  

So where are we at right now?   We’re in the midst of assembling a fantastic creative team.  I’m currently casting for models, scouting locations and working out the details with hair and makeup.  It’s a ton of work but the kind of work that I enjoy.  My budget isn’t huge but I’m working things out as creatively as possible and I plan to blog about it regularly.  

So far this whole experience has taught me a lot about positive thinking.  People often talk about the Law of Attraction and how a positive attitude creates positive results.  I’ve always believed that in theory, but it’s even more interesting to watch it unfold in real life as you go.  Personally, it’s easier to for me to process the concept in a more practical way (rather than a mystical way).  In other words, I acted on an urge to contact Dan and see if he would want to work together.  When I emailed him, I wasn’t thinking about how much work it would be, or that he probably wouldn’t want to be involved, that I wouldn’t be able to afford it, or even that I had a baby not too long ago and it would be difficult to find the available time.  There are definite challenges involved but I’m attacking everything in an organised, proactive way.  Instead of keeping a great idea inside my head and thinking it would be better to ask next year when things are less hectic, I acted on it, pushed the doubts aside, and now things are coming together as we iron out the details.  It requires a creative balancing act but I feel grateful to have this many good things on the horizon and am happy to juggle it all. 

Alexandra Gunnoe Photography.

Photos taken by Alexandra Gunnoe and Dan Shears.  Alexandra Gunnoe Photography.  alexandragunnoe.com

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentines Day by Alexandra Gunnoe Photography Reviews

I know I’m a day early but with the crazy weather we’ve been having, I’m not sure we’ll have power tomorrow… 

Whenever I take photos of babies and children, I prefer the look of natural photography that captures life in the moment.  This is in contrast to the popular style of shooting infants all dolled up and immersed in elaborate sets.  I have no problem with that type of photography, in fact I follow the work of a few photographers who do it very, very well.  It’s just not where my own interest in shooting lies.  However with my own baby I couldn’t resist staging her a bit just for fun. 

Happy Valentines Day from our family to yours!

Photos by Alexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra GunnoePhotography

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Location Inspiration by Alexandra Gunnoe Reviews

A few weeks ago I went on an adventure and explored this building I’ve driven by hundreds of times. Rumour has it, it was an old lookout tower in World War 2. Each time we passed the house I felt the need to pull over and check it out, but life would get in the way and I’d put it off. Well I've had my eye on it for long enough and was finally able to view the interior. And the house was even better than I had hoped! I especially love the L-shaped window, but there are lots of other treasures inside too. All alone at the time, I found myself hurrying out the back door at the end because it felt so spooky (it was descending the old crooked stairs in the dark that got me). I took a few snaps for inspiration and have since scheduled a test shoot with a new model next weekend if weather permits. Looking forward to it!

Alexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra Gunnoe Photography