Saturday, 5 July 2014

Busy Busy by Alexandra Gunnoe

I know this blog is kind of rushed and my excuse is that I'm really, really busy.  Beyond busy.  I'm  moving to Bristol in the next few weeks and have been running around tying things up.  So instead of writing detailed accounts of our last two shoots, for now I will just post some of my favorite photos from them.  Both were a lot of fun and I got some images that will really complement our Calendar, which should be ready at the beginning of September.

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Model (20's Look): Kayleigh Gray
Model (40's Look): Vicki Eloise Lemon
MUA/Hair (20's Look): Connie Dinnage
MUA/Hair (40's Look): Trude Bosence
Stylist (Both): Kate Sly at Fashion Farmer
Proprietor of the WETC:  Dan Shears
Photographer:  Alexandra Gunnoe

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