Monday, 26 May 2014

“Published in VOGUE Italia Online” by Alexandra Gunnoe

Last week we had one of the most rewarding photo shoots and I can’t wait to share the details and images from the day.  But first let me tell you about some particularly exciting news. 

I submitted some of our final images to VOGUE Italia Online and so far two of them have been accepted!  Once they are approved you are given a portfolio to keep your images.  Apparently the guidelines are quite strict, as their editors assess each photo one by one, and only accept the images that are of a certain standard.  If yours is particularly good it gets picked for photo of the day and then the top images are published in print in VOGUE Italia’s magazine.    

We’re in great company, as some of the talent on VOGUEItalia’s site is mind-blowing.  I think our team is up for the challenge though, and hopefully these two images are the start of many more to be published.  

I’ll be writing about the shoot in greater detail later this week so please check back!

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